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Pearl or No Pearl

Pearl or No Pearl

There are 14 cases total , player chooses The Case they want , that case then gets put to the side .. With the remaining 13 cases the player then chooses 2 cases to be revealed ,after revealing we would then mark those cases off the prize list which would indicate those 2 prizes are not in players choice of case .. Host then offers a deal for player to either accept or decline , if player Accepts Deal they walk away with offered prize and forfeits their chosen case .. If player declines offer player continues on to pick 2 more cases and so on until player either accepts an offer or is down to their chosen case plus 1 more left on board then they will choose to either keep their case they chose at the beginning or the last case left ..Enjoy

Prizes are as follows :

1. 1 pod

2. Random rinestone keychain

3. Pearl Mine game

4. Edison oyster

5. Let's Make That Deal

6. 5 pods

7. Kayaking adventure

8. A Roll of The Dice

9. 1 baby+ 1 single+ 1 rice+ 1 pod

10. Tic Tac Toe + 2 spins +1 pod + 1 chip attack

11. Bobbing for apples + Hi-low Game

12. LG Grab bag

13. Savage oyster + sm grab bag

14. Treasure Chest + Sweet tooth

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