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Match Game

Match Game

With This Game There are 6 different shapes (3 of each shape ) and 18 different envelopes that are numbered 1-18 ... object of this game is to match 3 like shapes for a grand prize ... each shape has 3 specific prizes assigned to them that purchaser can choose from if shape is picked.. purchaser will pick 4 numbers total 1-18 and we will reveal shape inside one by one until we go through all 4 to see if we have a match of 3 .. if not you still are a winner cause you will walk away with 4 prizes of your choice regardless.. prizes are listed below per shape .. Grand Prize subject to change


*Single Oyster

*1 pod

*cage pick


*Rice oyster

*1 Pod

* Random Item


*Baby Oyster

*Pearl Mine game

*spin on spin wheel


*Single Oyster

*Loose Pearl

* spin on spin wheel


*Rice Oyster

*Random item

* 2 pods


*Baby Oyster

* $2 Pearl bucks

* Cage Pick

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